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Supportability Program Manager - Developer Platform @ Cloudflare
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How to Rate Limit a Node.js App With Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04

Rate limiters are essential for production environments since they help prevent malicious brute force attacks from accessing sensitive resources that are usually placed behind web logins. They also play an active role in stopping Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Web servers like Nginx provide native tooling to implement rate limiting and they use fewer resources to process requests.....

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How to fetch your Medium feed in 17ms using Cloudflare Workers

Getting more than just your latest 10 Medium posts in JSON format. Having a cup of warm coffee, 36 open tabs on Firefox Nightly and another 17 on Postman for research and testing while writing about topics that I find fascinating....

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Why I deleted my LoL account while being a top 7% player in the region

It was dark at night and in my head I could only think about writing my next article. While coming back home on the bus, I was framing and polishing ideas in my head about all technical details that I’ve been thinking about...

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What it takes to get a job at Twitter

Have you ever wonder how top engineers at some of the biggest companies are like?
What is it that they do differently to stay sharp and be able to contribute to project that will have impact on million of people across the globe?

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I hope 2018 is difficult and full of problems

I wish that this year is full of joy and happin… no, no. What I wish for everyone, including myself, is a year with a lot of problems. But with the right problems.

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Why programming matters — and how come you should learn to code

Hey! I have this awesome idea to make this simple app. Let’s do it together, you do the technical stuff and I handle the rest. We’ll split 50/50...

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Una aventura en el Aconcagua

Alejandro Krumkamp, joven oriundo de Iguazú, con 22 años subió al Aconcagua en la provincia de Mendoza. "sólo les puedo decir que los sueños se hacen realidad, aunque cueste", reflexionó en el descenso después de dos semanas de travesía...

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UX is the higher goal that all web applications should have

Test 1... passed. Test 593... passed. All tests passed. Our brand new application should respond correctly to every input we can put in it. It can solve the problem we faced when we designed the app while the API can connect flawlessly with whatever might want to interact with it...

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How Netflix uses chaos in its favor

How many times have we got home excited to watch a movie on Netflix? You arrived tired from work or school, and there it is; Netflix to serve you and to help you forget about the problems you had today...

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